Bailey was hospitalized last week with Covid-19, his daughters say


In an interview aired Sunday night on Universal Television, Bailey’s The Brazilian soccer superstar was hospitalized in Sao Paulo last week after contracting Covid-19, the daughters said.

“He’s sick, he’s old, but he’s there because lung infection, when he gets better, he will go home again. “He’s not saying goodbye in the hospital right now,” said Kelly Nascimento, of Pele’s daughter.

She added: “Three weeks ago he had Covid-19. He had all the doses of the vaccine but he was made more vulnerable with cancer drugs, chemotherapy, he got a lung infection and that’s why he went to hospital. ”

His other daughter, Flavia, said Bailey was not in intensive care and was in no danger while being treated. She reiterated that her father was not dying or receiving palliative care.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in St. Paul said in a statement on Saturday that Bailey was in stable condition after being taken to a St. Paul hospital on Tuesday for “a re-evaluation of the chemotherapy regimen for colon cancer established in September 2021.” .

The hospital added that he “responded well to respiratory infection care and has not experienced any deterioration in his condition over the past 24 hours.”

Brazil will take on South Korea in the World Cup round of 16 at Doha’s 974 Stadium on Monday.

Before the game, Brazil head coach Tite and assistant Cesar Sampaio spoke about their interaction with Pele.

“That’s probably the only guy I really shake when I say hello,” Tite said at a media conference on Sunday.

“I say from the bottom of my heart, this is a very emotional moment for me.”

Assistant coach Sampaio added: “I also have… blessings. I am a Santos player, in the same club as Pele, and sometimes I have the opportunity to interact with him. The first time I was selected for the national team, I had the opportunity to play with Pele. Play football together.

“It’s more like what Tite said … talking to him and interacting with him on the pitch. It’s so hard, you know, because of what he is and what he stands for.

“It was something I never thought would happen in my life, everything we could do in that moment, no matter your religion.

“We’re just asking everyone to pray, do whatever you do, please bring a very positive vibe to him. He’s someone who has influenced my development, not just as an athlete, but as a man and a person.”

In an Instagram post, Pele said he would watch Brazil’s match against South Korea from the hospital.

“I stand by each and every one of you,” Bailey wrote. “We are on this journey together. Good luck to our Brazil!

“In Sweden, in 1958, I was walking the streets thinking about the promise I had made to my father. I know a lot of people in the national team who had made a similar promise and were looking for their first World Cup.”

Pele won his first World Cup title in 1958 and went on to win two more World Cup titles in 1962 and 1970.

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