A theoretical physicist wishes he had no curves in his Seattle home. “This is how linear algebra influenced me.”

On the surface, Dave Bacon and Cindy Wood Bacon’s roughly $1.8 million renovation of a mid-century modern home in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood is straightforward: Update the kitchen, open up the main living space, and change the finishes. A closer look reveals a more unusual item, largely determined by the personality of its owner. latest news … Read more

Americans Are Buying Homes in Spain More Than Ever

Ron Hale ushers in 2023 by relocating inland from Orlando, Florida, to his main residence in Marbella, on Spain’s southern Mediterranean coast. In January, the 59-year-old founder and chief executive of Florida-based beauty supply company Natural Tone Organic Skincare closed on a 3,000-square-foot, three-story townhouse with four bedrooms, spacious balconies, and ocean views for sale. … Read more

How do full-time RVers get mail, pay taxes? “You can’t fly by feeling.”

Life on the road may seem more carefree than living in a house, but the daily logistics aren’t always easy. Source link

Los Angeles love story begins at dilapidated Tudor revival

When Roger Perry first saw a Los Angeles Tudor revival in 2013, he knew he liked the house, despite its dire condition. Unexpectedly, the century-old house would also lead him to find another kind of love. It was there that Mr. Perry met his future husband during the purchase of the estate for $3.95 million. … Read more

Home buyers get ahead of supply chain issues by buying a home and everything in it

Last year, Gerardo and Rita Luna spent $2.4 million upgrading from their roughly 2,700-square-foot home in Oxnard, Calif., to a larger one in nearby Santa Paula. The couple, who own four garages, said they were looking for a quiet place where they couldn’t “shake hands with neighbors through the window,” Mr Luna said. The 6-acre … Read more

Saying goodbye to ancestral home is necessary but ‘very sad’

Roderick Thomas has vivid childhood memories of the days of rampage at his grandparents’ late 18th century Welsh country house, Boulston Manor, with his older sister and their cousins ​​on the chase , and explore the estate on horseback. Rochelle Westropp has similar recollections of idyllic summers at The Warren, where she, her mother and … Read more

How Their First House Became This North Carolina Couple’s Forever Home

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Indoor or outdoor dining?With these hybrid spaces, you don’t have to choose

When building his Sonoma, California home, Mukesh Patel had one request: He wanted an easy way to enjoy farm-to-table food. He means it literally. In 2016, Mr. Patel and his wife, Harsha Patel, 59, bought a 100-acre property that included a small fruit and vegetable farm for $5.7 million. He then teamed up with architect … Read more

After catching up to neighbors, Fort Lauderdale faces new challenge: Housing slowdown

The city’s luxury market joins that of Miami and Palm Beach, driven by a flurry of new developments. But the downturn is testing the region’s growth as sales slow and prices fall. Source link