Tracking Chinese balloons from space

method — Discover Chinese balloons in satellite imagery Satellites gather images of Earth by taking pictures of different wavelengths of light and stitching them together. As the satellite moves overhead at high speed, it takes pictures of the same location on the ground from a slightly different vantage point. Objects like the Chinese balloon, which … Read more

Trump visits Ohio, tries to contrast Biden over train derailment

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — Former President Donald J. Trump will inspect the Ohio town on Thursday afternoon after a train derailment that spewed toxic chemicals involved A growing battle between Republicans and Democrats over environmental regulations. ‘—appeared on the ground. Trump, the first Republican to announce his candidacy for president in 2024, plans to attend … Read more

Spy Balloon. What else is on the UFO?

Over the past two weeks, a number of aerial objects have been identified and shot down, including Chinese spy balloon and three unidentified flying objects In the United States, there are about six russian balloon in Ukraine. These encounters have raised questions about what else might be in the sky. at any given time, thousands … Read more

When ‘miracle’ cystic fibrosis drug is out of reach

Trikafta’s U.S. pricing ends $322,000 per year. that’s about 60 times The annual salary of minimum wage earners in Turkey, the government wants to import generic drugs made in Argentina. Vertex sued and blocked it. Vertices have been introduced $17 billion From Trikafta since 2019.A year’s supply of the drug could be manufactured, an analysis … Read more

Senior Housing That Seniors Really Like

Its function can change over decades. Rents that generate income for young homeowners may later become a refuge for returning youth, and then a way for older homeowners to pay for housing and stay in their communities. In an aging country, ADUs are especially meaningful for people in their 60s and over who don’t want … Read more