State Department ends mission restrictions deemed discriminatory

washington CNN — Secretary of State, State Department will no longer issue mission restrictions as a condition of granting security clearances anthony wink A memo obtained by CNN was announced to department employees on Wednesday. The change follows an in-depth review of the practice, which diplomats and Democratic lawmakers say is discriminatory, especially because the … Read more

Leader of white supremacist group arrested for threatening to kill reporter trying to cover group

CNN — A California man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly threatening to kill a reporter trying to report on his organization, the Justice Department said. Nicholas Welker, also known as “King ov Wrath” and “ilovehate5150,” is the leader of the Feuerkrieg Division, a white supremacist group that prosecutors say aims to “challenge the law, … Read more

AI can be racist, sexist and creepy. What should we do about it?

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN  —  The emergence of ChatGPT and now GPT-4, the artificial intelligence interface from OpenAI that will chat with you, answer questions and passably write a high school term paper, is both a … Read more

Man pleads not guilty to threat to kill Jewish government official in Michigan

CNN — A Michigan man who allegedly threatened to kill State Attorney Dan Nessel and other Jewish members of the Michigan government on social media has pleaded not guilty to making threatening interstate communications during an arraignment Wednesday. Jack Eugene Carpenter III was indicted last week by a federal grand jury that also specifically found … Read more

How crime is igniting new conflicts between red states and blue cities

CNN  —  Republican-controlled state governments are opening an explosive new front in their decadelong drive to exert more control over the decisions – and decision makers – in Democratic-run cities and counties. From Florida and Mississippi to Georgia, Texas and Missouri, an array of red states are taking aggressive new steps to seize authority over … Read more

White House calls on Pence to apologize for Buttigieg joke

CNN — The White House on Monday called on Mike Pence to apologize for his comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking “maternity leave,” calling the former vice president’s “homophobic joke” at a dinner at the Gridiron Club on Saturday “disgusting and distasteful.” inappropriate”. ” White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said in a statement: … Read more

Reported hate crimes in the U.S. will increase in 2021, according to new FBI data

CNN — Reported hate crimes in the U.S. are up 11.6 percent in 2021, according to the latest FBI data, but reporting remains patchy across agencies. According to the FBI, 12,411 people were reported to be victims of hate crimes in 2021 — 64.5% of whom were reported to be targeted because of their race … Read more

Arizona launches hotline for public to report ‘inappropriate’ school programs

CNN — Arizona’s top education official launched a hotline this week for state residents to report K-12 programs and programs they deem “inappropriate,” the Arizona Department of Education said in a news release. Endorsed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, “Empowerment HotlineResidents are allowed to voice their concerns about classroom materials that “undermined … Read more

Military academies see ‘alarming increase’ in sexual assault

CNN — Sexual assault incidents at U.S. military academies are at their highest level on record for the 2021-2022 school year. new report Posted on Friday. An 18% increase in reported sexual assault incidents across the three colleges in 2021-2022 compared to the 2017-2018 school year Military School Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Annual Report. … Read more

E. Jean Carroll lawsuit: Judge says jury could see ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

CNN — A federal judge friday E. Jean Carroll, in his defamation case against former President Donald Trump, can use the testimony of two other sexual assault accusers as evidence, as well as the “Access Hollywood” tape in which he bragged about being able to grope women, said. U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan denied Trump’s … Read more