Michael McCall gives Blinken until Monday to turn over Afghan papers or face subpoena

CNN — House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Chairman Michael McCaul set a Monday afternoon deadline for Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to hand over a copy of the U.S. withdraws troops from Afghanistan Or face a document subpoena. needs Dissenting telegrams sent by US diplomats In Kabul in mid-July 2021, McCall pushed for an investigation … Read more

Riley Williams: Capitol rioter who broke into Pelosi’s office gets three years in prison

CNN — A 24-year-old Pennsylvania woman broke into the office of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on January 6, 2021, Riots at the U.S. Capitol She was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday after a federal judge laughed at the idea that she was a “little girl.” Riley Williams was convicted in November of … Read more

Trump’s intensifying legal drama could bring America closer to historic precipice

CNN — donald trump’s On Wednesday, legal matters seemed to get more volatile. The country is getting closer every day to the political and judicial cliff, which may see the ex-president sued for the first time everThe former commander-in-chief’s entry to the White House in 2024 will make the historic turn all the more provocative … Read more

Michigan GOP faces backlash for tweet linking gun reform to massacres

CNN — The Michigan Republican Party drew criticism Wednesday after the group used imagery of the massacre to oppose what it said were Democratic proposals to limit guns. In a social media post Wednesday morning, the Michigan GOP used photos of wedding rings taken by Nazi Germany from Holocaust victims, writing: “Before they collected all … Read more

Trump could run for president if indicted

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter.To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — Can he still run for president?why adult movies The star case precedes any case about protecting democracy? How can you possibly find an impartial jury? Here are the answers to some of … Read more

FBI treads cautiously as potential Trump indictment sparks sporadic calls for online violence

washington CNN — Federal officials, including those from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, are monitoring what they say is an uptick in violent online speech, including calls for a “civil war” since former President Donald Trump Ask supporters to ‘protest’ What he said was that he was about to be arrested. But that’s … Read more

Republicans use Trump playbook to defend him ahead of possible indictment

CNN — donald trump’s republicans ally of the house of representatives are doing what the former president taught them to do — using government power to try to stop his legal threats. After Trump warned he could be arrested, his allies have been using their new majority in the House to demand Manhattan District Attorney … Read more

Attacks on Manhattan investigation show GOP still can’t break from Trump

CNN  —  Amid all the other uncertainties surrounding the possible indictment of Donald Trump, the flurry of events has made one thing unequivocally clear: the former president remains the center of the GOP universe. The rush of GOP leaders to preemptively condemn Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment of Trump as inherently illegitimate and … Read more

Biden signs measure to block controversial D.C. crime bill

CNN — President Joe Biden signed a resolution Monday to block a controversial Washington, D.C. crime bill that opponents have criticized as weak on crime. The effort to stop the crime bill has divided Democrats and highlighted the difficulty the party is trying to strike a balance as Republicans accuse them of failing to tackle … Read more

Blinken accuses all parties to conflict in Ethiopia of war crimes

CNN — U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Monday that the U.S. has formally determined that the armed forces of the U.S. parties conflict in northern ethiopia committed war crimes. “Following a careful legal and factual review by the department, I have determined that members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Eritrean Defense Forces, … Read more