Attacks on Manhattan investigation show GOP still can’t break from Trump

CNN  —  Amid all the other uncertainties surrounding the possible indictment of Donald Trump, the flurry of events has made one thing unequivocally clear: the former president remains the center of the GOP universe. The rush of GOP leaders to preemptively condemn Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment of Trump as inherently illegitimate and … Read more

Republicans: Trump’s shadow looms over House GOP’s policy retreat

Orlando, FL CNN — House Republicans had hoped to use their annual retreat to forge consensus on upcoming policy fights and develop a strategy to protect their fragile majority. Instead, they find themselves defending their ex president donald trump. While most Republicans had hoped to steer clear of any presidential politics — though in Florida, … Read more

South Carolina’s Haley and Scott aim to win over Christian conservatives in hometown

CNN — South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and Tim Scott and other presidential candidates will speak Saturday at a Christian conservative forum and lay out their visions for 2024 as they focus on the White House and intend to present their case to a key voting bloc early on to vote state. Hosted by the Palmetto … Read more

Ohio becomes sixth state to drop out of voter roll cleanup

CNN — Ohio on Friday became the latest state to leave a humble multistate consortium designed to help maintain accurate voter rolls but has become a growing target of conservative groups. Ohio has dropped out of the nonprofit Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), marking the fourth state to do so this month. A total of … Read more

CNN Poll: Most Republicans care more about picking a 2024 GOP nominee who agrees with them on issues than one who can beat Biden

CNN  —  Republicans hold a dour outlook on the country and prioritize finding a 2024 nominee who shares their views on major issues over one with a strong chance to defeat President Joe Biden, according to a new CNN poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents conducted by SSRS. The survey suggests sharp divisions within the … Read more

GOP strategist comes out publicly in sexual assault case against Conservative leader Matt Schlapp

CNN — republican political strategist who blames Matt Schlapp, leader of the Conservative Party and influential chairman of the American Conservative Union, cannot continue his relationship with the his lawsuit anonymous. Carlton Huffman, 39, was working on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign in Georgia when Huffman said Schlapp was a few weeks before the November midterm … Read more

This is the dynamic that could decide the 2024 GOP race

CNN  —  The same fundamental dynamic that decided the 2016 Republican presidential primaries is already resurfacing as the 2024 contest takes shape. As in 2016, early polls of next year’s contest show the Republican electorate is again sharply dividing about former President Donald Trump along lines of education. In both state and national surveys measuring … Read more

DeSantis agenda and potential campaign platform in focus as Florida lawmakers return to work

CNN — In the next few weeks, Governor. ron desantis Ready to show Floridians — and the country — that he’s willing to go further than any other Republican leader to transform his state into a conservative vision where abortion is all but illegal and guns can be shot without training Carried down in public, … Read more

Trump and DeSantis give clearest preview yet of possible 2024 showdown

CNN — former president donald trump and his most serious potential opponent, florida governor ron desantislaying out with unprecedented clarity this weekend how their contrasting personalities and approaches will define the 2024 Republican nominating race. Trump offered his familiar brew of anger, lies and dishonest bragging At the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, he … Read more

Dueling CPAC and Club for Growth events highlight divisions within GOP through 2024

CNN — Two high-profile GOP rallies this week — including one with a former president donald trump and other Florida governors. ron desantis – Showcasing deepening divisions within the Republican Party its 2024 nomination process. Trump is scheduled to make headlines this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, along with several conservative … Read more