Another political hush money case offers clues to Donald Trump’s possible defense

CNN — Americans have heard this story before: the appalling tale of a presidential candidate accused of arranging hush money to conceal an alleged affair. But if former President Donald Trump is killed manhattan grand jury The case of another politician — two-time Democratic presidential nominee John Edwards — linked to pre-election payments to porn … Read more

House GOP committee chair doubles down on Manhattan DA oversight

washington CNN — The chairmen of three House committees sent a letter Saturday to the Manhattan district attorney leading the investigation. donald trumpdoubling down on efforts to intervene in hush money investigation possible criminal charges against the former president. this letter from the chairman House Judiciary, Oversight and Administration Committee Appointment of Manhattan District Attorney … Read more

Idaho governor signs bill restricting transgender students from using bathrooms in schools

washington CNN — Idaho Republican Gov. Brad Little signed a bill this week that bans transgender students in the state from using public school restrooms that do not match their birth sex. Senate Bill 1100The bill, which went into effect July 1, requires public schools to provide students in the state with separate restrooms, locker … Read more

2024 Republicans field test their message — while largely avoiding clashes with Trump

CNN — as former president donald trump Although he heads to Texas on Saturday for his first major campaign rally, the handbrake remains on most of his potential 2024 rivals. Trump will be at the helm after he predicts he’s due to a relationship with hush money case Anticipation had grown for a possible indictment … Read more

As Trump Dominates Headlines, Beware the Reality of Deepfakes

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter.To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — After erroneously predicting his own arrest earlier this week, former President Donald Trump has turned to something more sinister, predicting violence and disaster following his capture. Whether the prediction turns out to … Read more

U.S. charges Russian spying suspect for allegedly using false identities to enter U.S. and collect information from U.S. citizens

CNN — The U.S. Justice Department announced Friday charges against a Russian national who allegedly entered the U.S. under a false identity and collected information from U.S. citizens about a then-imminent event russia invades ukraine. For years, Sergey Vladimirovich Cherkasov, a 37-year-old Russian intelligence agent, operated under the alias Victor Muller Ferreira, prosecutors said. Cherkasov … Read more

FBI takes down cybercrime forum touting data related to breach affecting U.S. lawmakers

CNN — The FBI arrested the alleged founder of a popular cybercrime forum touting data stolen in a hack that affected members of Congress and thousands of others and shut down the site, the Justice Department said Friday. The website, called BreachForums, trafficked the stolen data of millions of Americans until the FBI recently took … Read more

Prosecutors accept deal with George Santos in Brazil fraud case

CNN — Brazilian prosecutors have agreed to Rep. George Santos In 2008, he was accused of defrauding a Rio de Janeiro-area clerk out of $1,300 out of clothes and shoes, according to documents obtained by CNN. A petition by Santos’ lawyers seeking a deal said Santos would agree to formally admit to the crime and … Read more

Trump attorney to testify to grand jury in Mar-a-Lago probe

CNN — donald trump’s Lead Defense Counsel is expected to testify Friday to a federal grand jury, to answer questions in the document investigation that the former president unsuccessfully prevented. Lawyers’ grand jury appearances this week could make or break the special counsel’s investigation into the handling of classified Mar-a-Lago records, as well as the … Read more

Before Joe Tacopina represented Trump, defense attorneys speculated that Stormy Daniels saga was real and payments could be considered in-kind campaign contributions

CNN — Former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney, a legal expert, has repeatedly speculated that Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels may well have taken place and that a $130,000 payment to Daniels in the days leading up to the 2016 election could be viewed as campaign donations in kind, which is in line with … Read more