Biden to host Rishi Sunak, UK PM’s first White House visit

CNN — when British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak After visiting the White House on Thursday, he hoped that a shared view of Ukraine and a new push for economic partnerships would strengthen a stable, even commercial, working relationship. for president biden And his team, a relatively low-key prime minister whose tenure has outlasted a wilted … Read more

Clop: Russian-speaking cyber gang claims hack of BBC and British Airways staff data

CNN — A group of Russian-speaking cybercriminals has claimed responsibility for a massive hack that compromised staff data at the BBC and British Airways and sent US and UK cybersecurity officials scrambling to respond. The hackers, dubbed the CLOP ransomware gang, said they had “information on hundreds of companies.” According to dark web posts seen … Read more

Despite McCarthy comments, GOP senators pledge to advance Ukraine supplementary funding

CNN — Senate Republicans say they will keep pushing More money for Ukraine Even after Kevin McCarthy made comments that additional funding would be difficult in the Republican-controlled House, it could spark a conflict between the House speaker and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “My assumption is that if the time comes, there will be … Read more

U.S. has intelligence from European allies that Ukrainian military is planning to attack Nord Stream pipeline, officials say

CNN — Three U.S. officials told CNN that the U.S. received intelligence last year from a European ally that the Ukrainian military was planning an attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline three months before the attack. The attack on the pipeline last September was condemned by U.S. officials and Western allies as damage to … Read more

U.S. and Western officials see signs Ukraine is starting to fight back

CNN — U.S. and Western officials see signs in Ukraine long awaited counterattack Military operations against Russia have begun as Ukrainian forces probe weak points in Russia’s defenses, a senior NATO official said on Tuesday, noting a “substantial increase in fighting” in the country’s east over the past 48 hours. While the initial assault, also … Read more

U.S. defense chief points out parallels with Ukraine war at D-Day anniversary ceremony

Colleville-sur-Mer, France CNN — Thousands gathered on the beaches of Normandy on Tuesday to honor those who died fighting for freedom in World War II, ceremonies that took on new meaning, as speakers including U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin noted and war in ukraine Against Russia. 79 years ago, D-Day kicked off the liberation of … Read more

Convicted spy Robert Hansen dies in prison

CNN — Robert Philip Hanssen Receives $1.4 Million in Cash and Diamond Payments for His Information to the USSR and Russia, has died, the federal Bureau of Prisons announced Monday. He is 79 years old. Hansen has been held at the USP Florence ADMAX in Colorado since July 17, 2002. “On Monday, June 5, 2023, … Read more

Mark Milley: Exclusive: Top U.S. general says Ukraine is ‘well prepared’ for counteroffensive in war with ‘greater significance’ for world

Watch CNN’s full interview with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley’s “Leadership with Jack Tapper” today at 4 p.m. ET. CNN — The top U.S. general told CNN on Monday that while Ukraine It is “fully prepared” for a counteroffensive against Russia, but “it is too early to tell what the outcome … Read more

Exclusive: Ukraine trained sabotage agents inside Russia and gave them drones to carry out strikes, sources say

washington CNN — Multiple people familiar with U.S. intelligence told CNN that Ukraine has cultivated a network of proxies and sympathizers inside Russia dedicated to sabotage against Russian targets and has begun supplying them with drones to carry out strikes. U.S. officials believe the pro-Ukrainian operatives in Russia carried out a drone strike, Targeting the … Read more

Senior White House official says Biden will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘at some point’

CNN — president biden White House national security adviser Jack Sullivan said there would be a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping “at some point” as the two countries work to normalize relations. extremely turbulent and stressful year in relationship. “I hope that we will soon see U.S. officials engage in high-level engagement with their … Read more