Mental health is driving more college students to consider dropping out, survey finds

CNN — Isabel, a 20-year-old undergraduate student, is no stranger to hard work. She graduated high school a year early and spent most of 2021 working three jobs. But when she started college that fall, she felt like she was “sinking.” She knew she didn’t feel like herself in her first semester: her lively personality … Read more

Voters of color are a big reason why Trump leads in Republican primary

CNN — Former President Donald Trump holds an average double-digit advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 national Republican primary. Which in itself is not noteworthy considering front-runner Trump, always leading Here’s what DeSantis (his closest competitor or potential rival so far) has thought of the race since voting began. But what’s surprising … Read more

How to Understand Your College Financial Aid Letter

When it comes to college these days, students are more concerned with paying for tuition than with getting in. recent survey College-coming students and their families. higher education has exceeded the affordability of most families, and the university costs are still rising. For the 2022-2023 academic year, tuition and room and board at four-year private … Read more

Federal appeals court blocks DeSantis’ anti-‘wake-up’ law at Florida public universities

CNN — Part of a law pushed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to limit what Florida’s public colleges and universities can teach will continue to be blocked for now, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. A three-judge jury of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request by DeSantis administration and state … Read more

As decision day looms, students rank their top 10 colleges

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images) and Acceptance rate is just under 4%MIT considered the ultimate dream school new survey College-coming students and their families. However, it’s not only one of the hardest schools to get into, it’s also one of the hardest schools in the country The most … Read more

CNN Poll: Most Republicans care more about picking a 2024 GOP nominee who agrees with them on issues than one who can beat Biden

CNN  —  Republicans hold a dour outlook on the country and prioritize finding a 2024 nominee who shares their views on major issues over one with a strong chance to defeat President Joe Biden, according to a new CNN poll of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents conducted by SSRS. The survey suggests sharp divisions within the … Read more

Early College Courses Are the Faster, Cheaper Way to Earn a Degree

How the Early College Program Works In some cases, students can complete an associate degree while graduating from high school, a type known as “dual enrollment”early college“ not like advanced placementAnother program in which high school students earn college credit for taking courses and exams, Dual enrollment is a state-run program that allows students to … Read more

This is the dynamic that could decide the 2024 GOP race

CNN  —  The same fundamental dynamic that decided the 2016 Republican presidential primaries is already resurfacing as the 2024 contest takes shape. As in 2016, early polls of next year’s contest show the Republican electorate is again sharply dividing about former President Donald Trump along lines of education. In both state and national surveys measuring … Read more

Student loan forgiveness: Borrowers still face months of uncertainty over Biden plan

washington CNN — More than 40 million federal Student loan borrowers may qualify for up to $20,000 in debt forgiveness, but they may have to wait a few more months before the Supreme Court rules on whether President Joe Biden can implement his proposed relief plan. this The Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week … Read more

Democratic attorney general rebukes DeSantis administration for requesting University of Florida information on students receiving gender-affirming care

CNN — A coalition of 16 Democratic attorneys general criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for criticizing his administration for requiring the state’s public universities to provide information about students receiving gender-affirming care, saying it would intimidate doctors, and could have a chilling effect on students seeking care. A coalition led by New York Attorney General … Read more