College student talks about her social media breakthrough

CNN — Currently, political and legal scrutiny of some of the largest tech companies and social media platforms is intense. TikTok CEO Shou Chew faced grilling by lawmakers on Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. his testimony happened Some lawmakers have renewed calls for TikTok to be banned in the United States, citing … Read more

Utah governor signs bill requiring teens to get parental consent to join social media sites

New York CNN — Utah governor signs controversial bill Thursday’s bill would require minors to obtain guardian consent before joining social media platforms, the most aggressive step yet by state or federal lawmakers to protect children online. As part of a bill called the Utah Social Media Regulation Act, The social media platforms will have … Read more

Michigan GOP faces backlash for tweet linking gun reform to massacres

CNN — The Michigan Republican Party drew criticism Wednesday after the group used imagery of the massacre to oppose what it said were Democratic proposals to limit guns. In a social media post Wednesday morning, the Michigan GOP used photos of wedding rings taken by Nazi Germany from Holocaust victims, writing: “Before they collected all … Read more

TikTok and its CEO are trying to save the app’s status in the US

As more lawmakers raise national security concerns about TikTok’s ties to China, and some experts worry about the app’s impact on young people’s mental health, CNN is hosting a special to delve into the issues. Watch “CNN Primetime: Is It TikTok Time?” Thursday, March 23 at 9 p.m. ET. CNN — At a Harvard Business … Read more

Pennsylvania county files lawsuit against social media company

CNN — A mother in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, said her 18-year-old daughter is so obsessed with TikTok, she spends hours making elaborate videos and posting photos of herself edited to look slimmer . Another mother in the same county told CNN that her 16-year-old daughter’s ex-boyfriend shared a partially nude photo of the teen with … Read more

Saad Ibrahim Almadi: Saudi Arabia releases dual US-Saudi citizen from prison after critical tweets about the country

CNN — Saudi Arabia releases US-Saudi dual citizenship Saad Ibrahim Almadi Almadi’s son Ibrahim told CNN he was released from prison more than a year after he was arrested for tweets critical of the kingdom. Almadi was released at 2 a.m. local time on Tuesday in the United States, and he is currently prohibited from … Read more

DeSantis needles Trump as he breaks silence on hush money case

CNN — break his silence Donald Trump’s legal troublesgovernor of florida ron desantis critique monday Manhattan District Attorney He is pressing charges against the former president and has vowed that his office will not get involved if the matter reaches Trump’s hometown. But DeSantis, a rising contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, far from … Read more

The US government has again threatened to ban TikTok.what you should know

CNN — Nearly two and a half years ago, the Trump administration threatened to ban TikTok in the United States if it wasn’t spun off from its Chinese owners, and the Biden administration is now doing the same. TikTok acknowledged to CNN this week that federal officials are Ask the app’s Chinese owner to sell … Read more

Meta launches paid verified subscription service for Facebook and Instagram in the US

New York CNN — Facebook and Instagram users in the US will soon be able to get the coveted blue check on their accounts. Meta began testing paid verification options for U.S. users of the two social networks on Friday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced. Instagram. The company plans to gradually roll out the paid option … Read more

Fact check: Elon Musk exaggerates false claim that Jan. 6 video was ‘censored’

washington CNN — Late last week, a conservative commentator with a large following on Twitter went viral for making false claims about an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 — and Twitter owner Elon Musk amplified misinformation and spread it to millions of people. Conservative commentator Chuck Callesto falsely stated on Twitter … Read more