Republican lawmakers call TikTok a ‘direct threat’ and call for the app to be banned

washington CNN — Washington Republican Rep. Kathy McMorris Rogers said Sunday Tik Tok Representing a “direct threat” from China and calling for the short video app to be banned in the US. The chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Congress should pass data privacy laws … Read more

TikTok users make fun of congressman’s question to app CEO Shou

New York CNN — The creators of TikTok have had enough of Congress not seeming to understand how the internet works. What happened: TikTok CEO Shou Chew testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday, where he was asked about concerns about the popular app’s potential national security threat and its ties to … Read more

As Trump Dominates Headlines, Beware the Reality of Deepfakes

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter.To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — After erroneously predicting his own arrest earlier this week, former President Donald Trump has turned to something more sinister, predicting violence and disaster following his capture. Whether the prediction turns out to … Read more

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, author of ‘Moore’s Law’ that drove the computer revolution, dies at 94

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, the semiconductor industry pioneer whose “Moore’s Law” predicted decades of steady gains in computing power, died Friday at the age of 94, the company announced. Intel (International Trade Commission) Moore’s family charitable foundation said he died at his home in Hawaii, surrounded by his family. Moore, who co-founded Intel in 1968, … Read more

FBI takes down cybercrime forum touting data related to breach affecting U.S. lawmakers

CNN — The FBI arrested the alleged founder of a popular cybercrime forum touting data stolen in a hack that affected members of Congress and thousands of others and shut down the site, the Justice Department said Friday. The website, called BreachForums, trafficked the stolen data of millions of Americans until the FBI recently took … Read more

Where TikTok users might go if the app is banned

CNN — On the eve of this week’s high-profile TikTok hearings, the company shared that it now has more than 150 million U.S. monthly active users. But after hours of intense hearings in which lawmakers told TikTok’s CEO that the app should be banned, some may now be wondering where all those users would go … Read more

US government sees ‘increasing’ TikTok-like data security cases

CNN — U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers on Thursday that the U.S. government is tracking a growing number of foreign business transactions that pose potential data risks to national security, similar to those raised by TikTok. At a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Yellen said the regulator that reviews foreign investment deals for national … Read more

Pay $84 a year for Twitter Blue starting April 1 or you’ll lose your checkmark, Twitter says

New York CNN — Twitter’s free blue “verified” checkmark for famous users may finally be coming to an end. Since Elon Musk took over october control co.he has been threatening to remove “legacy” checkmarks identifying users such as government officials, corporations, journalists, celebrities and other high-profile Twitter users. Now Musk may follow through: “On April … Read more

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company. So why doesn’t it exist?

Beijing CNN — TikTok is fighting to survive in the US Pressure is mounting in Washington to ban the app if its Chinese owners don’t sell the company. But the popular platform was developed using indigenous Chinese technology and is inaccessible in China. In fact, it never existed there. Instead, there is a different version … Read more

Biden to start ‘Investing in America’ tour next week

CNN — when he for a possible re-elected Activity, president biden As the effects of those laws begin to be felt across the country, he will begin a three-week tour on Tuesday to highlight the impact of his signature legislative achievement, according to a White House official. ‘Invest in America’ tour will see Biden, Vice … Read more