Everyone in Washington is talking about a TikTok ban. But is it really a national security threat?

CNN  —  After TikTok CEO Shou Chew testified for more than five hours on Thursday before a Congressional committee, one thing was clear: US lawmakers remain convinced that TikTok is an urgent threat to national security. The hearing, Chew’s first appearance before Congress, kicked off with a lawmaker calling for TikTok to be banned and … Read more

Lawmakers say TikTok is a national security threat, but evidence remains unclear

CNN  —  As TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew prepares for his first congressional grilling on Thursday, much of the focus will undoubtedly be on the short-form video app’s potential national security risks. Concerns about TikTok’s connections to China have led governments worldwide to ban the app on official devices, and those fears have factored into … Read more

Google was beloved as an employer for years. Then it laid off thousands by email

New York CNN  —  On the morning of January 20, one Google employee had to call tech support after getting hit with an unusual error message when they tried to log in to their work system. Another employee’s manager was on vacation, so they had no one to reach out to when rumors of layoffs … Read more

AI can be racist, sexist and creepy. What should we do about it?

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN  —  The emergence of ChatGPT and now GPT-4, the artificial intelligence interface from OpenAI that will chat with you, answer questions and passably write a high school term paper, is both a … Read more

She was weeks away from maternity leave at Twitter. Then Elon Musk took over

New York CNN  —  Bim Ali was early in her first pregnancy when billionaire Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter, where she worked as an engineer on the Redbird core technologies team. During the months of intense uncertainty that followed, Ali stuck with the company, attempting to tune out the deluge of news about the … Read more

Fact check: Republicans at CPAC make false claims about Biden, Zelensky, the FBI and children

Washington CNN  —  The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway in Maryland. And the members of Congress, former government officials and conservative personalities who spoke at the conference on Thursday and Friday made false claims about a variety of topics. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio uttered two false claims about President Joe Biden. Rep. Marjorie … Read more

Michigan threats deepen America’s dangerous nexus between antisemitism and political violence

CNN  —  An alleged threat to kill Jewish government leaders in Michigan reflects two of the most dangerous, and interlocking, menaces in American politics and society – an alarming spike in antisemitism and escalating threats against elected officials. Police last month arrested a man accused of posting a Twitter threat to “carry out the punishment … Read more

Ohio abortion law meant weeks of ‘anguish,’ ‘agony’ for couple whose unborn child had organs outside her body

CNN  —  Just when Beth and Kyle Long received the worst news of their life, an Ohio law made their searing pain even worse. For four years, the Longs tried to have a baby, enduring multiple rounds of grueling fertility treatments. In September 2022, Beth finally became pregnant. But an ultrasound four months later showed … Read more

Fact-checking President Biden’s State of the Union speech

CNN  —  President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address on Tuesday. Here is a fact check of some of the claims from Biden: Biden said, “In the last two years, my administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion – the largest deficit reduction in American history.” Facts First: … Read more

Read the full transcript of Biden’s 2023 State of the Union

CNN  —  President Joe Biden delivered his 2023 State of the Union address on Tuesday. Here’s his speech as prepared for delivery and released by the White House. Mr. Speaker. Madam Vice President. Our First Lady and Second Gentleman. Members of Congress and the Cabinet. Leaders of our military. Mr. Chief Justice, Associate Justices, and … Read more