South Carolina’s Haley and Scott aim to win over Christian conservatives in hometown

CNN — South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and Tim Scott and other presidential candidates will speak Saturday at a Christian conservative forum and lay out their visions for 2024 as they focus on the White House and intend to present their case to a key voting bloc early on to vote state. Hosted by the Palmetto … Read more

Trump and DeSantis: Two of the biggest names in the GOP in 2024 mean bad news for Ukraine

CNN — russia may be in trouble vicious attack on ukrainebut President Vladimir Putin has won big elsewhere — in the Republican presidential primary. The two top potential Republican candidates — former president donald trump and florida governor ron desantis — are making it clear that if they make it to the White House, the … Read more

Reactions to SVB collapse show America’s biggest problem is politics, not banks

CNN — dramatic breakdown Silicon Valley Bank This proves one thing for sure – America’s greatest systemic risk is not its banking system but its polarized politics. so far, Biden administration frantic effort to contain Bank of California’s Dilemma It seems to work. There was no bank run on Monday morning after the federal government … Read more

2024 Republican primary: GOP debate on how to stop Trump

CNN — How to stop Donald Trump is an issue in Republican circles as some in the party grapple with what it might take to nominate someone other than the former president in 2024. The disagreement comes down to other options — and how many there should be.Some see a small field as a clear … Read more

Nikki Haley takes aim at fellow Republicans over government spending in address to GOP donors

CNN — republican presidential candidate nicki haley She is expected to take aim at her own party when she addresses key Republican donors on Saturday for what she sees as excessive government spending, according to a copy of the speech obtained by CNN. At a private resort in Palm Beach, Florida, hosted by the conservative … Read more

Fact check: What Nikki Haley said about Biden, Harris and racism

washington CNN — Nikki Haley, the Republican former South Carolina governor and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, becomes the first speech She will enter the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday. Like many opening remarks, Haley’s speech in Charleston focused on broad themes while downplaying specific claims that could be fact-checked. But she did … Read more

Otto Warmbier’s mother to introduce Nikki Haley at Charleston campaign launch

CNN — when nicki haley Her presidential campaign kicks off Wednesday and will be joined by Cindy Warmbier, whose son has died days after he was released Released from a North Korean prison in 2017. Although many American voters are still on the sidelines How the Republican Primary Stands Out Before picking a candidate, Warmbier … Read more

Here are the Republicans considering a 2024 presidential run

CNN — Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, roll out She will be running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday. But the primaries are still in the early stages and could take months to fully unfold, with candidates not only making occasional visits to states such … Read more

Why Nikki Haley and other Republicans running for president face a lot of trouble

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter.To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — Former President Donald Trump’s attempt to clear the field has officially failed. Nikki Haley — a former member of his cabinet, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., former governor of South Carolina … Read more

Nikki Haley Announces 2024 White House Entry

CNN — former south carolina republican governor nicki haley Announced in a video Tuesday that she will run for president in 2024. Haley is expected to speak at a campaign event in Charleston on Wednesday. This story is happening and will be updated. Source link