House to vote on Republican education bill aimed at providing parents with extra oversight

washington CNN — The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday on a bill aimed at increasing so-called parental rights in the classroom, as House Republicans underscore an issue that has become a key priority for the party. In addition to this, HR 5, also known as the Parents Bill of Rights, The … Read more

Under Florida law, other states try to limit some LGBTQ discussions in schools

washington CNN — bill similar Florida’s Controversial Legislation At least 15 states are considering banning certain guidance on sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union and reviewed by CNN. Some of the bills go further than Florida’s law, dubbed “Don’t Talk Gay” by its critics, … Read more

Guinness beer: Is it really good for you?

Editor’s note: Get inspired with our weekly roundup on the good life, made easy.sign up CNN’s Life, But Better newsletter Get information and tools designed to improve your well-being. CNN — Guinness, like other Irish stouts, is a seasonal favorite every St. Patrick’s Day. It’s also touted as “good for you,” at least on its … Read more

Glenn Youngkin: Takeaways from Virginia Governor’s CNN Town Hall on Public Education

CNN — In a Republican Party now dominated by political boxers, the governor of Virginia. Glenn Youngkin Want to play the role of peacemaker. At least, that was his message to voters during a CNN town hall Thursday night, with a focus on public education. But Yankin, his 2021 Commonwealth Victory made him a national … Read more

Canadian sibling born four months premature sets world record for premature twins

CNN — For expectant parents Shakina Rajendram and Kevin Nadarajah, the doctor’s words were both clear and devastating: Their twins would not “survive.” “Even in that moment, when I heard the words coming out of the doctor’s mouth, I could still feel the baby very much alive inside me. So for me, I just couldn’t … Read more

Careful hygiene with formula and breast pump equipment can help prevent dangerous bacterial infections, warns CDC report

CNN — Enterobacter sakazakii is a common natural pathogen that has contaminated a major infant formula manufacturing plant and caused a nationwide shortage of milk powder. It is harmless to most people, but it can be life-threatening for babies, especially those born prematurely or with weakened immune systems. Infections caused by bacteria are rare, but … Read more

House Republicans propose ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ to oversee education

washington CNN — House Republicans have introduced a bill aimed at increasing so-called parental rights in the classroom, continuing emphasize an issue This has become a central party platform. Among other things, human resources 5also known as the Parents’ Bill of Rights, would amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to require schools … Read more

Paid family and medical leave: Bice and Houlahan push for new bipartisanship

CNN — Cocktail parties on Capitol Hill usually go unnoticed. But at a recent gala, the clink of glasses had a different ring to it. Members of both parties have united to restart efforts to address a problem uniquely American: the absence of universal paid family and medical leave. 30 years ago Family and Medical … Read more

When a Teen’s Big Relationships Are Healthy

CNN — For many parents, the “is this normal?” game starts very early. I’ve posed question after question to family and friends and, of course, to our arch enemy Google, of course, to all the worried parents. Is it normal for my baby to not move much in the morning? Is it normal for the … Read more

Poll shows one-third of parents give fever-reducing medicine when they probably don’t need it

CNN — When a child starts showing signs of a fever, many parents quickly turn to fever-reducing medication, but pediatricians warn that may not be needed. According to a new national poll from CS Mott Children’s Hospital, one in three parents will give their child medicine for a low-grade fever, defined as less than 100.4 … Read more