Leader of white supremacist group arrested for threatening to kill reporter trying to cover group

CNN — A California man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly threatening to kill a reporter trying to report on his organization, the Justice Department said. Nicholas Welker, also known as “King ov Wrath” and “ilovehate5150,” is the leader of the Feuerkrieg Division, a white supremacist group that prosecutors say aims to “challenge the law, … Read more

AI can be racist, sexist and creepy. What should we do about it?

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN  —  The emergence of ChatGPT and now GPT-4, the artificial intelligence interface from OpenAI that will chat with you, answer questions and passably write a high school term paper, is both a … Read more

How crime is igniting new conflicts between red states and blue cities

CNN  —  Republican-controlled state governments are opening an explosive new front in their decadelong drive to exert more control over the decisions – and decision makers – in Democratic-run cities and counties. From Florida and Mississippi to Georgia, Texas and Missouri, an array of red states are taking aggressive new steps to seize authority over … Read more

Arizona launches hotline for public to report ‘inappropriate’ school programs

CNN — Arizona’s top education official launched a hotline this week for state residents to report K-12 programs and programs they deem “inappropriate,” the Arizona Department of Education said in a news release. Endorsed by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, “Empowerment HotlineResidents are allowed to voice their concerns about classroom materials that “undermined … Read more

Georgia legislature considers bill to remove prosecutors in Trump election probe

washington CNN — Georgia’s Republican-led state legislature is considering a series of bills that would create a commission that would have the power to remove prosecutors and district attorneys. republicans, including Governor Brian Kemp, said additional oversight was necessary to prevent “soft crime” prosecutors from harming Georgians. But Democrats noticed the timing — Fulton County … Read more

U.S. intelligence chief says China may pressure Taiwan and try to weaken U.S.

CNN — Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping As he begins his third term as president, he will likely spend the next few years pressuring Taiwan and trying to reduce U.S. influence. While Beijing has stepped up its public criticism of the United States, Haynes told the … Read more

Michigan threats deepen America’s dangerous nexus between antisemitism and political violence

CNN  —  An alleged threat to kill Jewish government leaders in Michigan reflects two of the most dangerous, and interlocking, menaces in American politics and society – an alarming spike in antisemitism and escalating threats against elected officials. Police last month arrested a man accused of posting a Twitter threat to “carry out the punishment … Read more

Michigan AG says she was one of targets who threatened to kill Jewish members of state government

CNN — A Michigan man allegedly threatened to kill Jewish members of Michigan’s government on social media, the FBI said, and State Attorney General Ana Nessel said she was one of the targets. This incident adds to the recent threats to public officials also Reports of increased anti-Semitism incidents all over the country.also evoked the … Read more

Jewel Bronaugh, who led efforts to correct historic racism, is leaving USDA

washington CNN — Jewel Bronaugh, the USDA’s No. 2 and first Black woman to hold the position, is leaving the department on Tuesday after two years leading the agency’s efforts to diversify its workforce and provide relief to farmers People of color say they have been discriminated against for years. Brono Announce Last month, she … Read more

Brown v. Board of Education: Two Personal Stories Reveal Unforeseen Consequences of Historic Ruling

CNN — Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Educationwhich made segregation of public schools illegal. But supervisors in Prince Edward County, Virginia, where Berryman attends public schools, have no intention of complying. Five years later, in 1959, when Berryman was expecting seventh grade, the county closed all public schools and opened a private school … Read more