Trump’s intensifying legal drama could bring America closer to historic precipice

CNN — donald trump’s On Wednesday, legal matters seemed to get more volatile. The country is getting closer every day to the political and judicial cliff, which may see the ex-president sued for the first time everThe former commander-in-chief’s entry to the White House in 2024 will make the historic turn all the more provocative … Read more

Trump faces legal risk as DeSantis backs out and ramps up attacks

CNN — governor of florida ron desantis Branding himself as a political fighter willing to fight against all who come, from disney And corporate media to high school students wearing masks. but he and donald trump For several months, it was a one-sided affair. changed this week That’s when DeSantis first threw himself into the … Read more

DeSantis administration moves to expand ban on teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to all grades

CNN — government administration ron desantis A quiet proposal this month expanded Florida’s controversial ban on classroom instruction related to sexual orientation and gender identity to all grades. Florida Department of Education Approval proposed rule Published March 9 and posted for review on March 16 on the Florida Administrative Register. The state board of education … Read more

DeSantis needles Trump as he breaks silence on hush money case

CNN — break his silence Donald Trump’s legal troublesgovernor of florida ron desantis critique monday Manhattan District Attorney He is pressing charges against the former president and has vowed that his office will not get involved if the matter reaches Trump’s hometown. But DeSantis, a rising contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, far from … Read more

Voters of color are a big reason why Trump leads in Republican primary

CNN — Former President Donald Trump holds an average double-digit advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the 2024 national Republican primary. Which in itself is not noteworthy considering front-runner Trump, always leading Here’s what DeSantis (his closest competitor or potential rival so far) has thought of the race since voting began. But what’s surprising … Read more

South Carolina’s Haley and Scott aim to win over Christian conservatives in hometown

CNN — South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and Tim Scott and other presidential candidates will speak Saturday at a Christian conservative forum and lay out their visions for 2024 as they focus on the White House and intend to present their case to a key voting bloc early on to vote state. Hosted by the Palmetto … Read more

Federal appeals court blocks DeSantis’ anti-‘wake-up’ law at Florida public universities

CNN — Part of a law pushed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to limit what Florida’s public colleges and universities can teach will continue to be blocked for now, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. A three-judge jury of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a request by DeSantis administration and state … Read more

DeSantis has made the GOP primary all about him

CNN — ron desantis Not even a declared presidential candidate yet, but his skeptical stance exist ukraine war Means the Republican campaign is already built around him. Florida’s governor warned this week that the war was merely a “territorial” dispute and not a core U.S. national interest, forcing a response from his potential Republican rival … Read more

DeSantis blames diversity move for Silicon Valley Bank’s downfall as he pushes to roll back bank regulation under re-examination

CNN — After Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pointed the finger at several culprits, including the firm’s diversification efforts and federal regulators, who he said “seem to always be concerned about preventing financial Crisis scoffs.” But DeSantis’s comments made no mention of his own record on bank regulation.As a member of Congress, … Read more

Trump-aligned super PAC calls for Florida ethics probe into DeSantis’ political activities

CNN — super PAC with close ties to former president donald trump Ask Florida ethics investigators to look into whether governor ron desantis‘The recent political campaign violated state law. In a 15-page letter to Florida’s ethics commission, Make America Great Again Inc. accused DeSantis of running a “shadow presidential campaign” and said Republican governors should … Read more