South Carolina’s Haley and Scott aim to win over Christian conservatives in hometown

CNN — South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and Tim Scott and other presidential candidates will speak Saturday at a Christian conservative forum and lay out their visions for 2024 as they focus on the White House and intend to present their case to a key voting bloc early on to vote state. Hosted by the Palmetto … Read more

2024 Republican primary: GOP debate on how to stop Trump

CNN — How to stop Donald Trump is an issue in Republican circles as some in the party grapple with what it might take to nominate someone other than the former president in 2024. The disagreement comes down to other options — and how many there should be.Some see a small field as a clear … Read more

House’s MAGA wing torn on Trump as loyalists eye other 2024 candidates

CNN — Earlier President Donald Trump’s Allies have been privately lobbying right-wing House members to support his bid for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination and help inject some fresh momentum into his fledgling campaignaccording to Republican sources. But Trump has his job to do. In interviews with about two dozen members of the so-called … Read more

Robert Smalls: Navy renames warships after black sailors, politicians

CNN — The Navy, part of the U.S. military, renames a warship in honor of a black sailor and statesman who was born into slavery Efforts underway to remove names honoring Confederates. The guided-missile destroyer USS Chancellorsville, named for the Confederate victory in the Civil War, was renamed the USS Robert Smalls, the U.S. Navy … Read more

Fact check: What Nikki Haley said about Biden, Harris and racism

washington CNN — Nikki Haley, the Republican former South Carolina governor and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, becomes the first speech She will enter the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday. Like many opening remarks, Haley’s speech in Charleston focused on broad themes while downplaying specific claims that could be fact-checked. But she did … Read more

Otto Warmbier’s mother to introduce Nikki Haley at Charleston campaign launch

CNN — when nicki haley Her presidential campaign kicks off Wednesday and will be joined by Cindy Warmbier, whose son has died days after he was released Released from a North Korean prison in 2017. Although many American voters are still on the sidelines How the Republican Primary Stands Out Before picking a candidate, Warmbier … Read more

Here are the Republicans considering a 2024 presidential run

CNN — Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, roll out She will be running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday. But the primaries are still in the early stages and could take months to fully unfold, with candidates not only making occasional visits to states such … Read more